Hotel Congo History

Story of an Unknown

Hotel Léon Kinshasa belongs to the company MILTEX SPRL set up by Mr MILANDOU N’LEMVO Gervais of Congolese nationality (Brazzaville) who does business between the two banks of the river Congo.

He’s the real estate promotor of the group (Léon hotel Kinshasa, Léon hotel de la Paix Brazzaville, Léon hotel centre ville-Brazzaville), and majority shareholder of MILTEX SPRL (+90%) with over 30 million US Dollars. He started in the nineties as a sales person at the market in the TOTAL market in Brazzaville in the arrondissement 2 Bas-Congo, before acquiring his first clothes shop on 323, avenue de la Gare Routière (Marché Total). This was quickly followed by a second shop in Moungali (61, rue Martys). There were two more in Poto Poto and Talagai Mikalou arrondissement 6.

During and immediately after the devastating war that swept over Brazzaville in 1997, the canoe was the only way to transport merchandise across the stream to Kinshasa.

He has shown extraordinary courage in crossing the Congo during the night in a canoe with bales of textile. This enabled him to start up textile shops in Kinshasa.

Because of his know-how, he managed to integrate the local market and to open a number of textile shops. In time, these shops and sales points take an important place in the local market place of Kinshasa. The boss and his team started a new way of selling textiles.

He organised his shops in a way nobody had done before. In 2001, he created MILTEX SPRL with its official seat in Kinshasa.

Hotel activity

Brazzaville was devastated by war and its inhabitants had to find their way around the ruins of the city to start building it up again.

Mr MILANDOU had lost this own home and started thinking about rebuilding. Following all the events he decided not to build just a home but a construction that could generate revenue.

Hence the hotel Léon Brazzaville at the end of the war, aiming to offer a place to stay to the investors expected for the reconstruction of the city.

The project evolved positively and this made him build a second hotel on the avenue de la Paix, Poto Poto arrondissement 3 in order to fulfil the growing demand.

He created a hotel company named « LEON HOTEL », the name of the Léon Hotel Kinshasa, and thus referring to the famous Léon hotel (Piscine de Gaimon), the objective was to create a clear link between both the hotels in Brazzaville and Kinshasa.

Today Léon Hotel is based in Kinshasa and Brazzaville and has more than 150 rooms for travellers to stay in in Kinshasa.

The plan is to duplicate the LEON HOTEL in new destinations.
Important renovation works are being done in all hotels with a view to create a more uniform look.